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Hello World – This is my first post and I’m computer challenged so who knows what happens from here on!

I just LOVE going to visit a physician and having them say: “I know what’s NOT wrong with you but don’t know what IS wrong!” It seems like that’s a response I’ve gotten over waaaaaaay too many times over the years for all sorts of stuff. Some items have been resolved but taken a long time.

Take that funny little rash I had on the inside of my wrists back in 1964 that looked like poison oak. I figured since I was awaiting the birth of my first child, it would probably go away once he was born. Pregnancy can bring on all sorts of interesting things that go that away. What wishful thinking!! After biopsies were taken, was punctured with allergy tests that made my arms look like a fanatical drug user or a soccer team ran me down, had suggestions to lather myself up (after “it” spread) in slimy ointments and sleep in giant plastic garbage bags,  got scooted from one physician to another, the final diagnosis in 1980+-ish was a case of plain ol’ eczema – which there were all sorts of “stuff” available to clear “it” up. Funny thing was ( …ho …. ho …. >:o( ) “it” decided to disappear all by itself over 20 years later.  But what fun in the meantime! Have had a few other instances over my lifetime that were similar. So, how come other people go to the doctor and get diagnosed in no time flat? Right now I’m edging into the age bracket of “elderly.” I’m not sure where the line is on that. Being “elderly” there seems to be no end of maladies to hit you. Many of my current friends are older than me. Although their ages might say “elderly”, they sure don’t act it! Many of them are in much better shape than I am presently. Funny how “young” people seem once you encroach to their age! I remember looking at my own mother when I was about 7 or 8 years old and thinking “She’s really old!” She was only 34 at the time! Now the age of 34 is so young I’m surprised many know how to blow their own nose!

I love to garden outside and create flower beds with lots of big rocks. I sometimes think I missed my calling and should have been a landscaper in my younger working years. But I probably wouldn’t be alive right now if I did. I’ve so enjoyed living in places where the yards were just calling my name to make them beautiful. Unfortunately hauling giant logs, rolling large boulders, carrying bags of dirt/fertilizer/sod/etc. and picking up a few heavy rocks that I shouldn’t have; all have done a toll on my back. And that isn’t all either. Hefting furniture around the house due to my “frustrated housewife syndrome” of wanting to change things around occasionally hasn’t helped either. But it’s so fun!! Really! I’m just creative. Can I help it if the stuff I work with is on the heavy side? Maybe I should have gone into body building first. So, my back and other joints are now getting back at me.

I recently tried to visit my doctor when one morning I couldn’t stand up straight. I couldn’t quite pinpoint what brought that on though. My son is convinced that it was from bending over and trimming all my rose bushes lately. I haven’t done any yard work over the winter so I guess I was asking for it. But the back pain didn’t come until many days later. Well, the doctor was out on vacation so I saw someone else. Wouldn’t you know it after a week of not finding much relief with a heating pad and exercise, the morning I went in my back was feeling much better. Not good but better. But then my hips and knees must have felt left out so they decided to get my attention. I had x-rays done and the results would be known at the end of the week – like yesterday. Haven’t heard anything so I emailed the doctor. Was told she’d been out all week. So the question still stands as to what the heck am I supposed to be treating with ice and heat? Is it arthritis? tendonitis? bursitis? beriberi? flea infestation? or what? So far heat has done nothing to ease any pain at all. Ice makes it feel a little better but doesn’t last. Smearing lidocaine on affected areas hasn’t done anything. Besides I think I’ll end up needed a 5 gallon pail of the stuff. Keeping away from sitting at the computer doesn’t seem to make much difference but I am trying – until I set this blog up. (My son just remarked that I should offer a glass of water to anyone reading all this mess!) I did a little more exercising this morning before starting the day. That didn’t make things easier so I guess I either did too much or the wrong one or the wrong way. ARG!!!! I have a whole file folder full of exercises that I’ve gotten and saved from various jaunts to Physical Therapy. I even categorized them for “back”, “neck”, “hips”, “ankles”, “shoulder”, etc. If just pruning some roses did this much damage, I just can’t wait until spring really hits and the flower gardens need major attention! At least the vacant house next door has a new owner after being empty for over 3 years. YIPEE! Now I (and another neighbor) won’t need to mow their yards all the time to keep the weeds and fire hazard at bay! And, yes, I have been to a chiropractor in the past. They helped but a lot of damage had already been done. My bad, so now I pay dearly. And, yes, I have all sorts of gadget stuff that makes kneeling down and, most importantly, getting back up easier. According to my other son, I don’t pace myself well. I need to address my impatience to getting stuff done. The world won’t end before I finish arranging plants, rocks, whatever. And if it does, I don’t care! My future home in heaven someday already looks breath-takingly beautiful and I won’t have to re-arrange it using back-breaking effort! Or I might be sent to my own little cloud in time-out!

Well, I feel much better ranting and raving about my pathetic bod. Whoever said these are the “Golden Years” was clearly not in that category, missing a few neurons or could afford domestic help. It’s time now that I shut up and go get the ice pack………………

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